SnowFALL ultimate - the simply way to cool down

The SnowFALL (SF) technology is the simplest way to cool down by real snow. The quality of produced snow is real naturally. The snow falls down from the ceiling, hits the body and remains on the floor where it melts due to ambient temperatures. The upgraded SnowFALL (SF) technology provides following characteristics:

The plug & play installation and the operation of the SF Series devices are simple. Place the machine, connect power and water, press the operation button – the snow fall starts after lead time of 10 – 30 seconds. The SF Series devices are available as standalone unit placed above the ceiling or as split system where the cooling unit can be placed in a seperate plantroom. The machine cooling can be done by water or air. Using water cooling enables to use heat recovering system.

  • Intensive and constant snowfall
  • Lead time 10 – 30 seconds
  • Real snow quality
  • Snow production up to +40°C
  • No additives
  • Patent pending