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Artificial snow technologies

Snow Industries bundles its expertise! 

At the end of 2014, SnowBOX Schnee- und Eistechnik GmbH and IAG-Industrie Automatisierungsgesellschaft mbH joined forces. Under the leadership of snow+promotion GmbH, they two companies intend to bundle their know-how and expertise in the field of artificial snow production within the newly established SNOW INDUSTRIES network. 

Sports events organizers are under huge pressure, as they must ensure that there is sufficient snow on their slopes at the time of a planned event. This is obviously a very difficult task, given the unpredictability of local and regional weather conditions. There are only two options available to them: pay very high weather insurance premiums to protect them against claims for damages, or invest in new artificial snow technology and snow storage facilities.

This and the last winter have been hard times for lift and cable car operators and organizers of winter sports events, due to exceptionally warm weather. Many events had to be cancelled, among them the Biathlon Word Cup in Oberhof, Germany scheduled for December 2015. For the second time in a row, the FIS Word Cup parallel slalom to be held in Munich was cancelled earlier this year, and many ski resorts cannot offer more than a few 15 to 20 metre wide stretches of pistes, with many lifts not in operation. The industry is therefore forced to look for effective solutions to prevent such weather-related problems in the future. Fortunately, the technologies to solve these problems have already been available for many years and will soon no longer be considered niche products. 

Snow Industries is one of the leading suppliers of artificial snow solutions for the winter sports and spa/wellness sectors as well as a number of industrial applications. Its products can be adapted to suit the individual requirements of the customer. The company therefore does not simply sell standard products, but provides assistance and support in the planning and installation of the technical infrastructure and processes. For each project, Snow Industries takes into account the customer-specific parameters and requirements that need to be met. To do this, and based on its multidisciplinary know-how, the company developed a number of new technologies and improved existing systems.

The current projects of the SNOW INDUSTRIES partner companies are representative for the wealth and breadth of the technologies and applications on offer:

  • Summer-Incity Big Air Events, NOKIA Totally Board
  • Air&Style, Olympic Stadium Munich
  • FIS Tour de Ski, Munich
  • FIS Skisprung world cup, Tittisee Neustadt and Kulm
  • FIS Skiflug world cup Harrachov and Kulm
  • Snow making „Bürgermeisterlift“ Simas Lifte, Lower Austria
  • Movie „Naga Parbat“, Reinhold Messner
  • Promotion and Events for NOKIA, Coca Cola, Audi, VW,
  • Mercedes, Nissan, Toyota, Capri Sonne, Bogner, Red Bull u.v.a.
  • Snow for Industrie R & D
  • Material Tests for BMW, Ford, Vaillant
  • Snow cabins for sauna- and wellness boxes
  • Snow ramps and toboggan ramps for downtown winter worlds in
  • Berlin, Oberhausen, Wolfsburg, Leipzig, Wien, Madrid, Sevilla,
  • Rom, Göteborg u.v.a.
  • Summer biathlon track for PistenBully, Laupheim
  • Snowmaking equipment for Rieseralm, Loser Bergbahnen, Holzau
  • Snowmaking equipmen for WRC Eisrennen / Zenz See