FTIR Analysing Systems


2017 IAG delivered the FTIR Analysing System number one hundred to MAN Nürnberg, represented by Dr. Beck.

The versa06 FTIR Analysing Systems set new standards concerning small dead-spaces, the corresponding high dynamic as well as user friendliness.

The versa 06 besides short response times offers precise measuring technique, an EPA ready gas cell as standard as well as all functions and options needed for measuring tasks related to development of engines and exhaust after treatment. Small dead space ensures the outstanding dynamic of the versa06. The simple and intuitive operating of the system is impressive. The easy access and the straight design of the unit ensures easy maintenance. The automatic refill of nitrogen guarantees for smooth operating over the weekend and makes the use of the systems easy for the responsible technicians and engineers. The automatic flushing of the systems in case of power break downs prevents from unnecessary contamination.

In the meantime far more than 100 IAG FTIR analysing systems are performing measuring tasks in various test cells worldwide already.

Enclosure:          Picture Hand Over of versa06 representing number 100

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High-Performance exhaust gas analysis system can be supplied with the smallest volume measuring cell available on the market...

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