IAG Fire Fighting FLK to FF Wr. Neustadt

Further FLK for fire fighting delivered.

The trailer from the work of the specialist for automation technology IAG in Weikersdorf was acquired by the fire department Wiener Neustadt due to several aspects:

“We see us in the future, facing increasingly large storage halls with less sprinkler systems. Even the keyword smoke management, that means the right handling of the toxic and flammable fire smoke, is becoming more and more complicated due the increasing areas. In order to protect our emergency forces in case of fire in industrial halls, underground car parks, or shopping centres, we have decided to purchase this unit.”


Fire fighting support: This does not just mean extinguishing by water mist, or- which is also possible with the on a trailer mounted machine- through foam, but also through pure ventilation.

Depending on the tactical use, an industrial hall can be pressurized with the blower and through the admixture of water and / or foam, fire will be actively deleted.

Also the cooling of the fire smoke in industrial objects will be considerably simplified in the future with this fire fighting machine. The blower, which is very similar to a snow gun, creates an air flow of 65.000 m3 per hour. This corresponds 1000-times the performance from a conventional bathroom fan. Up to 600 liters of water per minute can be atomized, which results a very high cooling effect. With a built-in mixing system, also foam can be added to the fire fighting water.   

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