Breaking News - Smallest gas cell worldwide for the versa06 FTIR Analysing Systems

IAG Expo Stuttgart

High dynamic is one of the most important features in exhaust analysis.

For the IAG versa06 FTIR analysing system, the smallest gas cell in the world market for engine exhaust gas analysis is available for delivery. The 70 cc gas cell is the smallest of its kind and ensures precise measurements as well as highest dynamic.

Furthermore the reliable automatic refill of liquid nitrogen ensures long lasting measuring cycles of the versa06 FTIR Analysing Systems. In case of power break downs the versa06 will be flushed automatically to avoid unnecessary maintenance costs. The free access from all sides causes enthusiasm at the responsible service personnel. The maintenance of the FTIR is feasible directly inside the system.

 The 70 cc gas cell of the versa06 opens new horizons in FTIR analysing and will be launched at the Automotive Testing Expo in Stuttgart from June 20th to 22nd 2017 at Booth 1130.

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