SNOW-INDUSTRIES means densely accu­mulated expertise. It is the name under which experts for “year-round snow” have teamed up. Snow fun is guaranteed, no matter what the thermometer reads, in the mountains and increasingly in urban areas as well.

Covering slopes with the perfect snow cover is an aim that many are pursuing. It is a well-known fact, after all, that per­fect slopes are a prerequisite for the success of a ski resort. “At IAG, we have been dealing with snow as our main subject. With our two snow makers, we have started many years ago to support ski resorts preferring custom-tailored solutions”, says Christian Cech, CMO of IAG in Weikersdorf, Austria. Snow, however, says the snow expert, is good for so much more. It is not a prerogative of people living or vacationing in high mountains. “We get the snow right to the hearts of the cities and wherever it is found more in children’s storybooks than actually falling from the sky”, say Cech and his congenial partner Oliver Hasenfuhs of SnowBOX GmbH. Between them, they have brought to life SNOW-INDUSTRIES. This is where snow experiences are shared; this is where design and optimization take place. This is also where exciting new ideas are con­ceived and promptly implemented. “We developed the SnowBOX 15 years ago”, says Oliver Hasenfuhs. “This was long before competitors have noisily pene– trated the market with similar concepts. We broke ground with regard to ‘snow in the city’. Within the SNOW-INDUSTRIES framework, we are now achieving many strikingly surprising results“, Cech lifts the veil covering the team’s secrets on the market of niche products just a little.

One of these secrets is indoor snowma­king for spas. This snow feels absolutely real, even when trickling from the cei­ling at 30°C (86°F). It really comes from a newly developed snow shower for sauna enthusiasts.

“Our SnowFALL technology is now mature. We can make it snow at ambi­ent temperatures up to 40°C (104°F)”, Hasenfuhs is enthusiastic. Require­ments, though, cannot be too creative for SNOW-INDUSTRIES experts to implement. Their products are used to make snow on children’s playgrounds, streets or Christmas mar­kets. SNOW-INDUSTRIES are the per­fect partner for indoor snow fun. They also supply equipment to renowned brands in the automotive industry that send their prototypes to winter tests in summer using snow falling from the ceiling.

All thanks to SNOW-INDUSTRIES, this is no longer a dream.

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