Genius and manus snow guns

Hubert Neuper über IAG Schneekanonen: “Wir sind sehr froh, dass die Beschneiung unserer Pisten perfekt funktioniert und Skisprungschanzen Dank der IAG-Technik innherhalb kürzester Zeit fertig sind”

Since 2007, IAG has applied its expertise to snowmaking technology, whereby the top priority from the start was "high performance at low power consumption". In the course of development of the three fully automatic models BK100, BK75 and BK50, intensive customer tests and permanent improvements to the models took place.

Next came the IAG genius BK50 snow gun, which united all of IAG’s knowledge of snow-making technology in one model. Along with the fully automatic genius BK50, the product range includes a model with manual water flow control, the manus BK50. Both models feature the same snow output and a low power consumption of 16 kW.

The modular kit system

Thanks to the IAG kit system, you can combine your individual equipment options. Depending on requirements, you can choose between fully automatic water flow control (genius BK50) or manual water flow control (manus BK50). Next comes the selection of options from the IAG kit system.

Snow gun genius BK50

Fully automatic snow guns starting at a wet bulb temperature of -1 °C, 10 different snow-making programs, Integrated weather station, snow thrown up to 50 m

Snow gun manus BK50

Snow guns with manual water flow control starting at a wet bulb temperature of -1 °C, Integrated weather station, Snow thrown up to 50 m

TV ORF Report ECO 1.8.2015