Snow Making Technology

Hubert Neuper über IAG Schneekanonen: “Wir sind sehr froh, dass die Beschneiung unserer Pisten perfekt funktioniert und Skisprungschanzen Dank der IAG-Technik innherhalb kürzester Zeit fertig sind”

The IAG snow guns, which meet the economical requirements of our time, feature a tremendous snow-making capacity at a total power consumption of only 16 kW. Permanently innovative development and economical thinking are key drivers of IAG.

The increasing number of satisfied customers, and snow safety solutions at events for example the Ski Flying World Championships 2016 at the Kulm, confirm the pioneering way of IAG.

From perfect powder snow for indoor and outdoor up to + 35 ° C SnowBOX solution. Where snow quality, snow safety, economic and ecological thinking is at the focus, IAG is the right partner.

SnowFALL ultimate +35°C - the simply way to cool down - factory preview

SnowGUN M50 the simply one with the power of the automatic machine !

Snow guns

The genius and manus BK50 snow guns by IAG are unchallenged, offering high performance at low power consumption.

Snow-making control center

Simple, web-based, customized solutions for all customer requirements.

Snow cabins

The patented, innovative snow nozzle SnowBOX POWDERstream sets new standards for the technical production of powder snow. By means of its optimally adjustable mixing function this nozzle generates a perfect spraying.

Pressure reducers

The IAG FD 60/12 pressure reducer represents an interest- ing alternative to conventional pressure reducers. At an inlet pressure of up to 80 bar, without loss of flow, the pressure automatically reduces to 12 bar.

Flow pressure regulator

At flow rates for example of 10 l/min to 500 l/min and an intake pressure of up to 60 bar with a load connected, output pressure is regulated to 10/20/30 bar. No readjustment of the hydrant is required. Available in different options.

Snow Industries

Quality-snow for the highest expectations in skiing, spa and industry. Tailor-made solutions for your requirements.The snow technology network

Snow Making Technology for World Cup

Hubert Neuper trust again in IAG