VFC-Prefilter compact

The VFC is a self-supporting filter/pressure governor unit that can be quickly and easily integrated into a test set-up. If an additional filter element is required or the exhaust gas pressure is too great, the VFC is the ideal device for fast connection because of its great ease of use and the option of an additional heated hose for added supply. The VFC can be supplied with an alarm output for temperature monitoring on the control centre.

The backflushable ‘Normally Open’ pressure governor reduces inlet pressures of up to 6bar to an outlet pressure of max. 250mBar. Naturally any IAG filter cartridge can be fitted to the VFC.

All IAG devices can be supplied with pin assignment, gas connectors and temperature sensor type according to customer requirements.

Technical data:

Housing dimensions: 200x210x110mm
Gas connectors: 8mm cutting ring
Electrical power supply: IEC power socket
Standard pin assignment: 1-L,2-TC+,5-TC-,6-N
Power supply: 230V/2,3kW
Alarm output: 711 flange socket connector
Pin assignment: Pin 1 - internal heating (NO)
Pin 2 - heating line (NO)
Pin 3 - COM