Fire fighting gun FLK 65/6 and Fire fighting gun FLK 137/10

The IAG FLK 65/6 is a water cannon for extinguishing, cooling and ventilating. With the combination of a high-power fan and a specially designed matching air pipe, it generates the optimum flow of air while consuming little power. It is thus able to spray a maximum water flow of 1368 l/min up to a distance of 50 m. When used together with commercially available mixer valves, wetting agent can be added to the water to suppress embers and smoldering fires, this Fire fighting Gun is especially suited also for property protection.

The FLK 65/6 can be used in any situation requiring varying amounts of water in atomized spray form or where large volumes of air are used. The basic machine is very easy to operate. A number of options can be supplied to supplement the standard machine. We can also design for you complete firefighting systems consisting of a number of machines with a central control unit.

References InfraServ Knapsack and on request!

The Big Brother 65/6 is the FLK FLK 137/10 - closer information on request ...