Success story of SIEMENS and IAG

A smart cooperation - made for the future

IAG has always relied on reliable, skilled partners. Working together with SIEMENS as a renowned co-creator in the area of digitalisation, we create control and automation solutions. We use components by SIEMENS to solve complex processes in our systems. Whether it is Industry 4.0., the Internet of Things or simply digitalisation – the words change, while the requirements in the production sites of our clients remain the same. In any case, it is about transferring production to a digitalised world. The automation of the future needs to orient itself towards the very latest technology. IAG is a driver of increased networking of production processes to achieve greater efficiency and cost-effectiveness. We are able to offer our customers a series of solutions:


Production monitoring, data collection & analysis

  • Monitoring of automated production and assembly workflows including sensors, continuous monitoring and trend analyses of production data. 
  • OEE evaluations on the basis of this for optimisation of the production processes.
  • Diagnostic system to support preventive maintenance 


Simulation and virtual commissioning 

Every machine has its digital twin. With the help of virtual commissioning, bottlenecks in the process are detected early on and avoided in the production process. The result: shorter development times and time-to-market.


On-site service 

When it comes to the worldwide availability of components, again, we put our trust in SIEMENS. Thanks to globally distributed branches, we guarantee rapid on-site service, thus ensuring the IAG system availability.

Success story of SIEMENS and IAG

Recipe for success: automated systems with SIEMENS components


We have been collaborating with SIEMENS for many years now, developing control and automation solutions for our system concepts. The automation of the future needs to orient itself towards the very latest technology. A requirement that is fulfilled with our long-term partner SIEMENS.