Apprenticeship training with IAG

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Secure your future now with well-founded training in a traditional Austrian company with an international focus. Seize the opportunity and apply now. With our practice-based training, you become acquainted with all the procedures involved in the realisation of our special-purpose machinery projects. You will work on local projects and diverse tasks in an international environment.


What you need to contribute for a successful apprenticeship with us:

  • Successful school-leaving qualification or at least 1 school year at a higher vocational school, completion of another apprenticeship or of the Matura
  • Manual skills
  • Willingness to learn, motivation and enthusiasm
  • Ability to work in a team


Your path to an apprenticeship with us

  1. Upload your application to our job platform
  2. We will consider your application documents carefully. We will send you feedback regarding your application and inform you whether you will advance to the next step. 
  3. You will receive an invitation from us to attend the apprentice test and a personal interview. 
  4. You will complete the test at our location and have an interview with our apprentice supervisor. 
  5. Following the interview, of course we will provide you with feedback. If you have impressed us, we will welcome you as a new apprentice and your training can start in September. 


Good performance pays off - this is what you will earn during the apprenticeship period:


  • 1st year of apprenticeship €  950.00
  • 2nd year of apprenticeship € 1,150.00
  • 3rd year of apprenticeship € 1,475.00
  • 4th year of apprenticeship € 1,925.00


Gross apprenticeship salary per month

The following bonuses are available for good performance at vocational school:

  • Good success at vocational school: €100.00
  • Outstanding success at vocational school: €250.00
  • Completion of final apprenticeship exams with good success: €500.00
  • Completion of final apprenticeship exams with outstanding success: €1,000.00


Apprenticeship training with IAG

Apprenticeship training with IAG

Become part of our team now and apply on our job platform

For our location in Weikersdorf, we are currently looking for apprentices in the following professions:

  • Electrical engineer/control technician (m/f)
  • Apprenticeship position mechatronics engineer/metalworking
  • Internship
  • Project engineer (m/f) for special-purpose machinery