IAG Machine Audit for an optimal service life of your systems

IAG examination program - framework agreements

Your machines provide good OEE data and the product quality is satisfactory.  

But is that all that is possible?  

The IAG machine audit is a high-quality service solution that supports you to improve your production process, supports in the optimal planning of maintenance and repair measures. During the audit, our IAG specialists check the most important components of your IAG machine and create a detailed report on the condition of your machine. You can use this information as a basis for planning future investments, preventive maintenance actions and to finally increase the machine availability and the quality of your products. 


Machine Audit Service


Trust is good, supervision is better. With our machine audits, we offer you a comprehensive performance assessment and value assessment for used machines - including older generations. Still, ensuring the optimum condition of your IAG equipment is only the half story and leaves further potential to optimize efficiency and quality. Trained employees work in a more motivated, safe and familiar way when dealing with the machines and enable the full potential of the machines to be used and the highest product quality to be achieved.  

The perfect solution to meet both goals is the combination of the machine audit with tailor-made training packages for optimal use of your IAG systems and maximum added value from them  

We offer a wide variety of training content. The individual training packages are intended for various members of your team: 

  • machine operators 
  • process technicians 
  • maintenance staff  
  • quality managers 


Both services ideally are arranged and regulated in a service frame agreement to ensure clear conditions, fair pricing and comparable checks on a periodical basis. The basic scope of the service frame agreement can be agreed adapted to your specific requirements and needs and can be extended depending to your current focus before each individual on site assistance. The general scope of service is 

  • Operator trainings 
  • Machine audit 
  • Actual problems / trouble shooting 
  • Normal repair works 
  • Check retrofit topics = which IAG innovations and improvements are available 


Your benefits at a glance:

  • Professional inspection by our qualified IAG service experts 
  • External, professional evaluation of the current status of your IAG machine 
  • Expand the machine know-how of your operating and maintenance experts 


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IAG Machine Audit for an optimal service life of your systems

IAG audit program in combination with production training for an optimized machine.

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