The IAG production line for steel profiles

A jack of all trades for cleaning, cutting, punching, welding, testing and palletizing

We are allowed to present an example of customer-specific complex special machines, based on a preliminary project, we have created a production line for steel profiles (cleaning-length-punching-welding-testing-palletizing) with approx.

Fertigungslinie Stahlprofile

Customer benefit

  • Before the project was implemented, there were partially automated processes in the customer plant. The capacity expansion envisaged by the customer should reduce the manual lifting activities of the employees via an automation solution and thus relieve the employees. With the new system, the work of the employees shifted to the system control, i.e. the feeding of the blanks and the removal of the end products.

  • The limited space of the customer in his production area required a compact solution concept. The quality level of the products could be ensured by means of the fully automated process.


Biggest challenges / quality features & how were these mastered or mastered

  1. A punching machine was implemented by IAG as part of a preliminary project; so that the IAG could fall back on the experiences for the "punching module

  2. The interlinking of more than 12 workstations and the smooth, fully automatic process presented a challenge. The system was built, optimized and tested in internal test runs in 5 construction stages / trades at IAG (subsequently delivered and rebuilt at the customer). The entire system was completed and put into operation at the customer's site. 

  3. The interaction and linking of asynchronous manufacturing processes is a major challenge for automation and commissioning technicians. With our experience and the know-how in mechanical and electrical engineering, software development and commissioning of complex systems, we have been able to master the challenge and hand over the fully functional system to the customer.

The IAG production line for steel profiles