A promise to fairness: for the life of the machine

RetroFit - The IAG machine modernization

AG systems are known for their robust construction and their long-life cycle, but the technology continues to develop. 

Machines which are in operation since many years or even decades might not offer the accuracy or efficiency in comparison to new equipment. New quality- or technological requirements of your products cannot be met with your existing machinery or the safety system or energy efficiency does not comply with nowadays requirements and standards anymore? In many cases there are chances to improve and to adapt at clearly lower costs than if replacing the equipment. 


“Success in special-purpose machinery means working in a highly innovative way, constantly advancing along the cutting edge of technology, providing reliable quality and offering the best possible customer service.”  -  statement of the IAG OWNER and Co-Founder 


IAG is having a profound knowledge and experience in modifications, updating and upgrading existing machinery and to improve the benefits in operation of aged equipment. Despite the reconstruction of machines, general overhauls, or safety upgrades we can offer a wide range of options to modernize your machines like: 

  • Central production- and recipe data distribution to machines from a database via the network 
  • Export of production relevant data QM- purpose 
  • Export of various sensor data for predictive maintenance purpose 
  • Electronic key systems (RFID-logon) in combination with password administration 
  • OEE-Export and evaluation tools 
  • Various features like bar-code scanner integration for transparent production and QM purpose 
  • Integration of further production steps into the existing machine, such as 
  • thickness measurement, 
  • deburring at the outlet, 
  • drilling for wear sensors, 
  • grinding, 
  • marking of products 
  • and much more 


The most important advantage of retrofit is that the costs are usually lower than when purchasing new machines. However, there are other positive aspects. The employees do not have to get used to new systems and their processes. B. saves time-consuming and costly training. The basic structure of the systems remains, which is why the production hall does not have to be converted. 


Your benefits of a modernization by RetroFit:

  • Increased efficiency and productivity 
  • Connection of machines with a database for production data distribution or to catch production data for QM or predictive maintenance purpose 
  • Reduction of downtime 
  • Improve product quality 
  • Optimization of production and process run times 
  • Increasing plant availability 
  • Lower investment costs than replacing equipment 
  • No or just minor changes in plant layout 
  • Based on our many years of experience in the field of plant engineering, we can develop a solution concept tailored to your application. 


We bring your system up to date! For sure.





 A promise to fairness: for the life of the machine

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