Success story of FANUC and IAG

Special-purpose machines with robotics for solving automation tasks

IAG has been collaborating with FANUC in the field of automation solutions for over 20 years. The FANUC Corporation is a leading global manufacturer of robots with more than 259 branches worldwide.


IAG quality leadership with intelligent automation solutions

IAG’s core competence lies in the development of assembly and production lines that are adapted to the individual needs of our customers. Automation is the preferred solution when it comes to increasing production, ensuring quality and expanding competitiveness. Our systems offer process reliability in continuous operation – even under difficult conditions. The reliability of our systems is paramount, particularly in connection with highly abrasive materials, in environments that are often dusty. The integration of FANUC robots complies with the strictest requirements under extreme conditions.

With over 60 years of experience in the development of CNC technologies, the FANUC company is one of the leading global manufacturers of numerical controlled systems in the automation industry. Alongside high-performance CNC products, FANUC also provides industrial robots and vertical machining centres, amongst other things. With fully integrated packages in the form of plug-and-play solutions, FANUC provides the ideal cross-sector supplement to round off IAG’s range of automation products.

Success story of FANUC and IAG

Success story of FANUC and IAG


Fanuc is a Japanese company specialised in automation and production technology. Since 1956, FANUC has been the pioneer in the development of numerical controlled systems with more than 261 FANUC branches worldwide.