Robot technology

The advantages of using robots in industry have long been undisputed. Future-orientated system processes are virtually unimaginable without robots. They have since advanced to become a standard application. Our special purpose machinery/Automation solutions with robots meet your requirements under often extreme conditions. These range from the most adverse production environments involving heavily abrasive materials through to stringent industry-specific stipulations. They guarantee process reliability in continuous operation and are designed to be failsafe. 

Project requirements for constant positionability and repeatability, fast batch/product change, such as precise welding activities and 3D manipulations, etc. have to be fulfilled by IAG special purpose machinery.

Our employees support and advise you on meeting the rising demands on modern production. With the flexible and versatile use of robots and robot cells, we offer individual and optimised overall solutions for special purpose machinery. 


Arguments in favour of the use of robots compared to conventional kinematics:

  • Robots are standard applications of proven technology and are extremely failsafe.
  • Production processes are subject to constant optimisations and changes. Corresponding adjustments can be quickly implemented with robots.
  • Robots can be used much more flexibly in 3D manipulations in multiple axes and impress with additional spatial freedom of movement. Furthermore, the high flexibility of robots is often a positive factor when changing a batch or product.
  • When constructing prototypes, the final details of the subsequent production process are often not known in advance of a project. The flexible possibilities offered by the modularisation of robot types with a common control platform create space for developments that enable best-in-class solutions.
  • Fully integrated packages in the form of Plug’n’Play solutions with camera technology and power-torque sensors increase the functionality of the robots and help optimally round off the automation offering of IAG.






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