Crisis-proof support with augmented reality

The further development of the IAG remote support service with Hololens glasses

The lockdown and the strict measures taken by the Austrian Government to deal with the Corona crisis hit the country in two ways - economically and socially. In this challenging time we all had to deal with new tasks, chances and of course required extraordinary measures. Due to the travel restrictions caused by Corona / COVID 19 and the fact, we could not provide the customers with the usual on-site service, we developed the IAG remote service so that our customers production operations nevertheless are guaranteed. The IAG now uses augmented reality glasses for commissioning and start-ups to support the on-site installation team remotely. Here you find some voices from those who are involved: 


Onsite activities, IAG supervisor as trouble shooter via Hololens (Mixed Reality) as a tool of IAG remote service 


OEM plant manager “With the online, remote support of the IAG specialists, we were able to commission a complete production machine despite the Corona/Covid19 restrictions and the IAG assembly team's ban on entry in our country. IAG has shown new ways of remote support. With additional instructions and additional documentation of the assembly and adjustment work in combination with the remote access of the IAG, our very experienced maintenance engineers, locksmiths and electricians were able to set up the machine, put it into operation and carry out the acceptance test. Questions from our employees and the checking of the adjustment work carried out were supported by virtual glasses, so that the IAG supervisor was able to monitor and support the activities of our employees directly on the machine. This allowed us to keep the SOP date and production start date and thus to meet our obligations to our customers. Based on this experience, we will continue to use IAG remote support services to increase our efficiency.” 


Assembly and commissioning in Corona / Covid19 times, Experience report of a machine installation from IAG supervisor 


IAG commissioning supervisor “With detailed commissioning documentation, the use of Hololens glasses and daily briefing calls, IAG has been able to check the proper installation work done by client installation team. We use the Hololens glasses to have “our eyes” on the machine and so could be able to manage the alignment work, give replies to the upcoming questions. So, with this approach our client has been able to assemble the machine, with the Hololens glasses we could check the verification of the work done. Remotely we had access to the machine for electric and software checks. For us this is a new way to support our clients, and this is probably a next step forward to IAG remote service 2.0 on a next level” 


If you are also interested in our remote service via augmented reality and Hololens glasses, please contact us for further information.  


Crisis-proof support with augmented reality

No limits on technology - not even at COVID 19 times

“To meet new challenges, we can draw on our decades of experience and implement tried and tested solutions, coupled with new developments, in a reliable high-tech product.” - IAG Co-Founder


If you are interested in our remote service via augmented reality and Hololens glasses, please contact us for further information.