Success story IAG and RELISTE

Complex camera technology in special-purpose machinery

For complex camera applications, the IAG draws on the know-how and experience of RELISTE VisionGroup. The applications are in the area:

  • Identification systems (like reading, validating & verifying codes)
  • Image processing systems (vision sensors, intelligent cameras, controller-based systems, vision controllers & IPCs, accessories (such as lighting, lenses, cables, ...)
  • Flexible feeding systems
  • Laser marking systems

This specific project is about checking products or product features on a 2D basis for (A) presence / absence, (B) geometric dimensions for 2D robot guidance (“Pick & Place”).

Abbildung 1: Versuchsaufbau bei RELISTE

Figure 1: Test setup at RELISTE

The recognition and identification of the components was simulated in advance using the face dimensions and the robot gripper access.

Hier steht ein Blindtext

Abbildung 2/ Simulation des Roboters / Greiferzugriffs bei unterschiedlicher Anordnung

Figure 2 / simulation of the robot / gripper access with different arrangements

Abbildung 3/ 3D Daten der Bauteile

Figure 3 / 3D data of the components

More information on camera technology can be found at or various special machines and IAG experiences at


Success story IAG and RELISTE

Success story IAG und Reiste


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