Success story of SAGOS and IAG - automated welding

Welded together for greater competence

Fully automatic welding systems by IAG

One of the key requirements in automated welding is the consistently high and reproducible product quality. Both during welding for large-scale production as well as for smaller batch sizes. The goal is ever shorter cycle times for the production of components. When aiming for high welding speeds, laser technology is a fixed component in the area of automated welding. A clear trend can be observed here, reflected by the fact that the proportion of laser technology in the industry is increasing as the degree of automation rises. 

The advantages are obvious:

  • Compensation of deficits with experienced welders
  • Approximation of the quality of welding work
  • Securing productivity
  • Permanent record of the working conditions to ensure traceability for quality assurance
  • Flexible with regards to various materials
  • Flexible with regards to varying component geometry


IAG and SAGOS: a seamless cooperation 

IAG/SAGOS-Engineering offers complete production solutions in the area of welding automation and laser machining (incl. laser cleaning, laser structuring and 3D laser cutting). Together with SAGOS, we help your production factory to become state-of-the-art in all things welding, in order to stay competitive on the international market Our portfolio ranges from the planning and construction of entire production lines to the integration of welding technologies into existing production lines.


Success story of SAGOS and IAG - automated welding

Success story of SAGOS and IAG


DI (FH) Georg Kirov, MSc, IWE, the founder of SAGOS-Engineering, is renowned as an expert in materials competence and joining technology beyond Austria’s borders.

With its comprehensive specialist knowledge, SAGOS supports us in the planning and development of customer-specific welding constructions in the area of complex special-purpose machinery. With the decades of expertise contributed by DI (FH) Kirov and the core competences here at IAG, we look back at a successful cooperation and are already able to master future-oriented challenges today. With our customers in mind.