The Art of IAG special machinery assembly

Precision, Experience, Coordination at IAG

The assembly and commissioning of special machinery is an art in itself. It involves a complex process that requires not only technical expertise but also experienced personnel, a functioning supply chain, and perfectly synchronized processes. At IAG, we provide insight into how complex and time-consuming this process is and emphasize the importance of successfully completing it to satisfy our customers.

Challenges of IAG Special Machinery Assembly

Our special machines are unique in their design and functionality, custom-developed to meet our customers' requirements, making each machine a one-of-a-kind. This uniqueness presents diverse challenges during the assembly and commissioning of machines. High precision, years of experience, and coordinated coordination: all components must work together seamlessly, leaving no room for error. The key figures in this process are our experienced employees.

Key Factors for IAG Special Machinery

Our well-trained and educated employees are at the center of the assembly process. They understand the intricacies of the machine and can identify and address potential issues early on. Their experience is invaluable to IAG when it comes to reducing assembly time and ensuring the proper functioning of the machine.

A functioning supply chain is also a key factor for successful assembly. Timely procurement of parts and components is essential to avoid delays. If parts are missing or damaged, the entire assembly process may be delayed.

A coordinated process is the key to efficient and timely completion of assembly and commissioning. All teams involved must collaborate closely to ensure that each step of the process runs smoothly.

Overall, it can be concluded that the assembly and commissioning of special machines require experience, a functioning supply chain, and a coordinated process. Only when these elements come together perfectly can we ensure that our customers receive their machines on time and tested. It is a demanding task, but it is worth it to ensure that our customers receive the best special machines.

Delivery and After-Sales Support

The culmination after the elaborate IAG assembly process is the delivery of the machine to the customer. Our customers can be confident that their custom-made special machines meet the highest quality standards and are production-ready. Beyond the delivery process, our customers can rely on our support. Our services range from global on-site or remote service, retrofitting and optimization tools, professional advice, to personalized training offerings. All our maintenance packages are designed to ensure the long-term good performance of the facilities.

Even for IAG machines that have aged, we provide support with a diverse and experienced team of top-notch service technicians.

Here at IAG, we take pride in offering our global customers the best possible quality and service. All of this would not be possible without our dedicated teams and partners.


Advantages of an IAG Special Purpose Machinery

  • Compensation for employee turnover and shortage of skilled workers
  • Relief for employees and protection of workers, reduction of hazards
  • Increase in productivity and capacity
  • Assurance of production and product quality
  • Improved traceability of manufacturing steps
  • Automation as a guarantee of quality
  • Process optimization through automation
  • Enhancement of competitiveness and growth