IAG goes green

The company is driving its own energy transition

It has been a massive trend in the domestic economy for years, due not least to rising energy prices. However, a growing number of large and medium-sized companies are now also focussing on their own private power supply, thereby driving forwards with their own energy transition.

Sustainability and climate neutrality have long been part of IAG's corporate strategy. IAG has considered targeted measures on its course to a better and greener future including specific steps in regular operations, and above all in production.


Reducing carbon emissions by up to 85% in special machine construction

IAG is working in collaboration with LF GmbH & Co. KG on the development and production of innovative friction materials for brake pads and clutches. The aim is to achieve the verified reduction in CO2 emissions of up to 85% compared to standard production conditions. Brake pad production is made much more sustainable thanks to the LIQFRIC® brake pad technology used in this process.

“For us at IAG, it’s important to develop a machine concept that is suitable for the mass market and, above all, sustainable, in order to establish the basis for the energy transition. Thanks to the LIQFRIC® technology, the Smart Factory and the green concept behind it can finally become a reality,” enthuses Stefan Gruber, Managing Director of IAG.

IAG produces its own green electricity, and in fact generates more than is actually required for daily operations. To date, IAG has achieved a degree of self-sufficiency of around 40%, with self-consumption of solar-generated power of around 70%. With 336 optimally aligned solar panels covering a total area of 645.9 m², the company is demonstrating its commitment to a greener future – with a reduction of carbon emissions of over 65,000 kg per year.


Sustainability in everyday working life too

Together with the 140 kWp photovoltaic system, enough energy is generated for an entire working day, while any surplus electricity is automatically fed into the public grid. Green renewable energy runs through every department of the company, from planning and production to installation.

When procuring materials and services, it is also very important to us to work with suppliers who conduct themselves in an environmentally friendly manner. By using sustainable products and services, we reduce our environmental footprint and make a positive contribution to ecological protection.


“The answer to the question “why are doing this?” is very simple. We’re making our contribution to a sustainable future, and in doing so we are meeting tomorrow’s requirements today,” explains Stefan Gruber, Managing Director of IAG.

IAG goes green

Grüne Energie hausgemacht

Homemade Green Energy 

Targeted measures for a green future have long positioned themselves at the top of corporate strategy. This is especially true in the production facility. Overall, 85% of CO2 emissions can be saved.