Composite presses

IAG develops and designs fully interlinked systems for composite pressing (integration of several process steps including the press technology into a complete production line). All our systems stand for high levels of quality and availability. Custom-manufactured for individual customer requirements, our presses can be equipped with automatic loading and unloading robots, amongst other things. 

With SMC or BMC, components can be manufactured affordably and efficiently. The main advantage of a pressing process over injection moulding is the longer fibre lengths possible in the pressing process. Thanks to our many years of experience in the handling of BMC and SMC materials, a high degree of automation, including the integration of further machining steps, can be achieved with our presses. With the RTM method, structural components can be cost-effectively manufactured in series. The result can be further optimised through the use of vacuum technology. 

Fully interlinked process steps support compliance with the quality grade of safety components. 

Competitive advantage with
IAG Composite presses

  • Interlinking of process steps into complete production lines
  • Longer fibres than in the injection moulding process
  • Project-specific pressing concepts depending on product requirements
  • Flexibility in production and in the required capacities (linear vs. circular runners)
  • High degree of automation
  • Complex and/or multi-part moulds possible
  • Project-specific vacuum technology
  • Alternatively available as servo-hydraulic or servo-electric versions
  • Precise temperature control
  • Temperature up to 250°C

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