Laser technology

This technology is based on a beam of light that passes through a special medium (crystal, gas or liquid) and is reflected and amplified between two mirrors until all beams point in the same direction. This gives rise to a strongly bundled beam of light called a laser beam.

Nowadays, laser technology is used in many areas of technology. For example, it is used in everyday items such as printers and disk drives, industrial applications such as cutting, welding and sintering, as well as in measuring equipment, data transfer and medical technology.

At IAG, laser technology is particularly useful in the area of sensors. The application of a laser beam makes it possible to accomplish a wide range of measuring tasks, such as the measurement of displacement and distance on numerous surfaces, the measurement of the thickness of a component or contrast detection.

Measurement by laser offers the following advantages:

  • Contactless and therefore wear-free.
  • High level of measuring accuracy and reproducibility even over greater distances.
  • Ideal for measuring tasks with high measurement rates.
  • The material to be measured does not need to be magnetisable; as a result, components such as plastic parts can also be included.
  • Contactless measurement means that even hot components can be included.

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