Curing ovens

We develop industrial ovens with several heating and cooling zones, formed as horizontal continuous ovens or in a paternoster design for confined spaces. The ovens are optimised for the project-specific requirements (capacity, heat output, heating duration and throughput). Curing ovens for friction linings are supplied either interlinked with our friction lining presses or as standalone systems. The transporting in and out of the material to be cured can be flexibly managed according to the customer’s requirements and, if necessary, combined with further machining operations.

Competitive advantage with
IAG Curing ovens

  • Heating with electricity or gas
  • Indirect application of heat through heat exchangers 
  • Low heat loss through optimised insulation
  • Energy efficient through direct interlinking
  • Customer-specific and project-specific oven systems 
  • Maximum flexibility through modular system
  • Number of heating and cooling zones: 1-4 or project-specific
  • Temperature tolerance throughout the heating zone: +/-5 °C 
  • Temperature range: 150-300°C (also higher if necessary)
  • Customer-specific flue gas disposal

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