Automation technology in special-purpose machinery

The future is automated!

It is not the reduction of jobs, but rather the guarantee of a stable production/assembly process in combination with increasing demands placed on employee protection that is the central driver behind the desire for automation – a trend that can be observed throughout the world. It is a widespread myth that automation will replace the human workforce and deprive us of our economic livelihood. In actual fact, the reasons for individual solutions can be found, for one thing, in the securing of the production location, the production and product quality, but also in the reduction of ergonomic hazards for employees and as a way to take some of the burden off them.

Advantages from the automation of assembly & production steps

  • Balancing out employee fluctuation and the lack of skilled workers
  • Destressing employees and worker protection, reducing hazards
  • Raising productivity
  • Increasing production capacity
  • Assuring production and product quality
  • Better traceability of production steps
  • Automation as a guarantee of quality
  • Process optimisation through automation
  • Automation is always individual
  • Enhancing competitiveness and growth