Weighing & dosing machines

IAG weighing & dosing systems are developed specifically to suit the project and customer. The suitable dosing and distribution concept is defined on the basis of preliminary tests, after which the fully automatic machine is designed accordingly. It is important to our customers that we demonstrate the processing of their materials in a careful and process-safe way in continuous operation (24/7).

If there is a risk of the materials to be dosed separateing, the dosing can be carried out by quantity in a Volumetric dosing system. Alternatively, we also offer mass-based, Gravimetric dosing systems. In the start-up phase of customer-specific projects, sample weighings and preliminary tests are carried out to check the dosage and distribution of the material. A suitable method is defined in accordance with the following material criteria, amongst others. 

Material criteria for the dosing

  • Weight and dosing accuracy (cycle time)
  • Powder/powder mixes
      • Metallic/non-metallic
      • Grain size/grain size differences (grain size mixing effect)
      • Fluffy material (fluffy proportions in the mix)
      • Resin content
  • Piece goods
      • Relevant fibre orientation
      • Resin-impregnated carbon fibre, glass fibre
      • Processing temperature
      • Ageing of the materials
      • Hygroscopic properties
      • Direction-dependent/isotropic properties


Competitive advantage with
IAG Weighing & dosing machines

  • Project-specific special solutions
  • Fully automatic process
  • Process-safe and stable weighing and dosing technology 
  • High productivity 
  • Lower reject costs
  • Increase in product quality

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