How a special-purpose machine is made at IAG

A guide in 6 steps, our IAG approach

We love a challenge! A great number of enquiries thus far started with a customer issue that had not yet been solved. With our decades of experiences, tried and tested solution concepts and state-of-the-art technologies, we draw on abundant resources to develop tailor-made, intelligent systems for special applications required by our customers. One thing in particular has stood the test of time – our typical project sequence for the construction of complex special-purpose machinery. Quality - be it in matters of technology or in customer service - takes precedence over all else, and is our credo for every step we take. From development to production:

  1. The customer contacts us with a specific problem relating to machine or systems construction. Following an initial project screening and the clarification of fundamental questions, we agree upon the next steps for joint concept development.
  2. Concept workshop where the customer production processes are arranged into sub-steps; presentation of the problematic process steps with regard to handling and quality criteria of the product; concept creation of an automation solution by IAG including simulation of the process steps
  3. Division of the IAG concept into an Area A: analogous trades i.e. known solution concepts (system concepts derived from past special-purpose machinery and therefore the application of field-proven system concepts) and the Area B: new and individual tailor-made concept solutions.
  4. Any partial steps of the system concepts to be newly developed are, if necessary, tested for the prototype range using test setups/pilot test facilities at our technical centre, and subsequently improved if need be.
  5. Development of a specific system concept with a definition of the specifications for the automation solution, project plan and submission of the offer all the way to the conclusion of contract.
  6. In the next step, the system is constructed, set up at the IAG factory and tested over several weeks. Only after a contractually agreed trial production period at our factory, during which we guarantee that all requirements as set out in the specification sheet are fulfilled, is the system disassembled and reassembled on the customer’s premises. Meticulous planning and strict production control and a final inspection – including after installation at the customer’s location – ensure the high quality of our systems.

Our systems are always special solutions and are developed on the basis of customer-specific requirements. With around 120 employees on one site, we maintain flat hierarchies, economical administration and rapid decision-making. These are three decisive reasons that gives us the flexibility we need to implement customer-specific requirements. Long-term and flourishing relationships with our customers, suppliers and employees enable us to create smoothly flowing procedures. Quality and reliability are our compass in all areas of the business along the entire value chain. For over 30 years.