IAG designs and builds customer-specific solutions for fully automatic and interlinked production lines with vertical high-performance machining centres and machine tools. In doing so, we have relied on tried and tested components from Fanuc for years. With the FANUC ROBODRILL – a vertical high-performance machining centre for flexible milling, drilling and tapping, Fanuc offers a kit of single-spindle machining centres and machine tools. The ROBODRILL is used in IAG integration concepts for complete, fully automated machining lines for magazine buffering, automated feeding and fully automatic output according to the customer’s specific requirements. 


Typical project sequence:

  • We support you in the feasibility analysis/cycle time analysis; e.g. with a test machining of your actual component, so you can check the machining accuracy as well as the tolerances achieved during machining.
  • Concept workshop for arranging the production process into sub-steps; presentation of the problematic process steps with regard to handling and quality criteria of the product and its control in a fully automated system.
  • Concept creation of an automation solution including simulation of the process steps.


Advantages of IAG system concepts compared to conventional double spindles/machine tools:

  • patented high-speed tool changer/retooling in only 0.7 seconds 
  • Tool change of up to 21 tools per Robodrill
  • Through intelligent machining strategies, the FANUC ROBODRILL achieves the same results as large machines in less time. In high-speed machining as well as in mould or 5-axis machining
  • Extraordinarily strong revolver head
  • Latest CNC and servo technology
  • Stable and precise high-speed machining 
  • Precise manufacturing tolerances vs. double spindle/machine tools
  • Efficiency: lower power consumption and smaller footprint
  • Flexibility: fast retooling, advantages in the machining of different products
  • Medium machining depth
  • Compact and vertical construction
  • Minimal downtimes
  • Individual system layout and designs according to the customer’s specifications

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